5 tips to improve close range combat skills in Free Fire

Close quarters combat in Free Fire is quite common. Players often come face to face with opponents on the verge of being the last person / team standing. Intense action ensues and a firefight between the two parties.

There is certainly no guarantee that the players will emerge victorious from this situation. Success depends on the skills of the players and nothing else. However, there are a few tips that can improve close range combat skills in Free Fire.

Constantly moving around in Free Fire can help you behave better in close combat (and 4 other tips)

1) Sensitivity

Sensitivity settings for Free Fire need to be adjusted before players enter a competitive match. The game comes with a set of default settings which may not be suitable for players’ gameplay.

Therefore, adjusting the sensitivity settings will make things easier and players can easily outperform the opponent in close combat.

2) Get the perfect weapon

Close quarters combat forces players to deal a greater amount of damage to their opponent in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, players should always use weapons that are faster to reload and have a high rate of fire.

Assault rifles and SMGs are best suited for this purpose, as they both tick the aforementioned boxes. Players can also use shotguns in Free Fire, as they deal more damage than other weapons. However, it is slow to load and has a low magazine size, so players need to be precise when using it.

3) constantly move

During close quarters combat, players should not stand in one position and shoot their opponents. This will give the enemy an estimate of where to shoot and eliminate the player.

To confuse the opponent, players have to stay in a state of movement and move around and also jump and crouch to escape the balls. It will also help the player to hit the enemy from different angles and deal significant damage to take them out.

4) use utility items

Utility items, especially gloo walls, are useful in close quarters combat. Players who wish to be successful in these situations should use utility items wisely to their advantage.

Using the wall of gloo as cover or even to trap the enemy is a proven strategy. Using grenades and smoke grenades to surprise the opponent also works wonders.

Since Free Fire has a wide range of utility items, players need to use them and gain an advantage in close quarters combat.

5) get the first shot

Whoever gets the first shot in close quarters has the advantage over the other. Players should always be aware of their surroundings, and whenever there is room for close combat, they should engage first.

This would deal more damage to the enemy and easily take them out in close combat in free fire.

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