Aniplex and game developer f4samurai announce the merger of their capital – News

Aniplex announced Monday that it has concluded a major merger with the game developer f4samourai. The merger will strengthen relations between the two companies, while respecting the independence of the other and allowing Aniplex to extend its reach in games.

The two companies have already worked together on the Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story and Disney in Twisted Wonderland smartphone games, which f4samourai developed. The games company also developed the Hydrangea Saga and Virgin Angel games for Sega Networks.

Aniplexexisting subsidiaries of include anime studios A-1 Photos and CloverWorks, game company Quatro A and North American distributor American Aniplex. He also created the joint company Anime Peppermint in Germany, and he created a 3D CG animation company Frontier in March 2020. Sony possesses Aniplex through his Sony Japan entertainment music arm.

Sony Pictures Television announced in September 2019 that she and Aniplex consolidate three Sony– anime acquisition and distribution companies owned – Funimation based in the United States, Wakanim based in France and Madman Anime Group based in Australia – in one joint venture. Sony Pictures television networks acquired a majority stake in Funimation for 143 million US dollars in 2017. Sony‘s Funimation Global Group recently announced in December that it would acquire Crisp for a purchase price of US $ 1.175 billion.

Sources: Public relations time, Animation business journal (Tadashi Sudo)

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