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To note: These are first impressions and based on guesswork as we don’t know the exact details.

The next Quirk and Limited Operator appears as a member of a much-maligned archetype, the Dreadnought (formerly known as the Duelist). Their 1 block limit, relatively low survivability, and relatively inferior ability to deal with some of the game’s more dangerous threats have reduced their value at all stages of the game. Will Nearl’s Alter be able to respond to? some of these concerns and restore viability to this archetype?

His talents support his use as a heli-drop assassin and improve his performance against high-attenuation enemies. Talent 1 provides actual damage and stun on deployment, while Talent 2 gives him Ignore DEF. Both go well with its potential use.

S1 increases its damage and range and has an infinite duration. This could allow him to fall back behind other Operators or attack through a wall, and could be used in the same way as Blaze S2. However, it looks like S3 will be the most likely choice if you want to leave Nalter deployed.

S2, however, is what brings a powerful new element to the heli-drop assassin role: it ignores the deployment limit, allowing it to aid an already fully deployed team. She’s not the first operator to be able to do this, as robots have this utility as well, but she’s the first to be very rare, and the potential impact is on another level than what robots can provide. The shield stacks will help him stay alive against strong opponents, and the ATK boost (along with its talent effects) will help him do the job of an assassin.

S3, like S1, is a skill that increases its range and damage and will likely be used if you wish to leave Nalter deployed. The main utility here is the real damage she deals to enemies if blocked by her or the summon that this skill allows her to deploy. When deployed, her summon will deal real damage and stun (much like her own talent 1).

It seems pretty clear that Nalter will be the new best-in-class Dreadnought Guard. His heli-drop and field abilities seem to far exceed the best of the current archetype. Even outside of the archetype, ignoring S2’s deployment limit offers incredible potential that will almost certainly be used in difficult content, and its utility of ignoring mitigation is also something that increases in value for more difficult content.

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