Canceled Valve Space Pirate Game Concept Art Surfaces

Although Valve is known these days primarily as the developer of the Steam platform, there are images that show a game that was canceled a few years ago.

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Although the company is known these days as the creator of the Steam platform, as well as for hosting eSports tournaments, there was a time when Valve was one of the most prolific game studios. Of the influential Half-life series, both Portal 1 and 2, as well as popular death fighting games like Team Fortress 2, he was a developer who always seemed to be on the cutting edge of gameplay and storytelling. At one point, Gabe Newell and his company started working on a space pirate-themed game, which unfortunately got canceled. However, some artistic concepts have recently emerged showing what it could look like.

According to a recent tweet from Obscure Game Aesthetics, Valve has started work on a game called Blood stars, which never saw the light of day. However, the Twitter account uploaded a bunch of concept art from the scrapped title, along with a link to other images, which show a range of environments. The fact that it’s described as a space pirate game, paired with art, suggests that Sob Probably was going to be a sci-fi entry, although almost nothing was known about it beyond the name and the images posted.

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On top of that, Obscure Game Aesthetics also links to footage on YouTube, which shows a test footage from former Valve developer Gary Horsfield from 2012 of what could have been a concept that could have resulted in Blood stars. However, this is only speculation. Unfortunately, with Valve busy marketing their next Steam Deck system, as well as maintaining their other lucrative assets, fans will likely never know what the game would be talking about, with concept art seemingly the only thing left of the project.

This isn’t the first time developer Steam has canceled games, either. Last year, a documentary revealed that a bunch of other projects had been launched for one reason or another as well. Such examples include a Minecraft-game style that used voxel visuals, as well as an FPS called Shooter who would have used assets of Half Life 2. It remains to be seen if any of these games will ever see the light of day.

While the published concept art looks really cool, they’ll only ever be a very small portion of what could have been with it. Blood stars. With Half Life 2 still updating it looks like Valve is interested in revisiting his old games, but it looks like his space pirates game will still be just an idea.

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