Guardians of the Galaxy Best Skills to Unlock First

guardians of the galaxy breathes a breath of simplistic air into leveling up and unlocking skills. Players won’t have to rely on hours of grinding to earn skill points, or research overly specific crafting materials to unlock perks and upgrades. Usable unlocks break down into Guardian skills and Star-Lord buffs / perks. So what are the best skills and perks to unlock first in guardians of the galaxy?

How to unlock perks and skills

Skills are all of the different moves that Star-Lord and his fellow Guardians can trigger during combat. You will earn XP at the end of each fight based on your performance. The better you work as a team, the more XP you earn. Each time the meter fills up, you gain a skill point. Open the Guardians menu to see each Guardian and their unique skills.

Their primary skill, such as Rocket’s Cluster Bomb, will unlock as the early stages of the game progress and each Guardian is introduced. Then you will need to spend skill points on their other two abilities. The middle skill will always cost two points and the last skill will cost three. Each Guardian also has an Ultimate Ability that unlocks as the game progresses, so you don’t have to spend skill points on those.

Perks are upgrades for Star-Lord that you’ll craft with Rocket at a crafting table. There’s still a crafting table on the Milano, but you’ll find one hidden on each stage in case you need a quick upgrade. You will use advanced components and components to create the various benefits of Star-Lord. Both types of crafting materials are hidden around each level, so exploration is key to your new upgrades. So, once you have enough crafting materials and skill points, which perks and skills should you unlock first in guardians of the galaxy?

Best skills to unlock first

Rocket's skills in Guardians of the Galaxy

Skill points will take a long time to accumulate, so you won’t unlock all the skills available in the game until you are close to the final missions. However, buying the following skills first will make your life a lot easier.

Gamora’s Shadow Strike

Shadow Strike is the first skill you should buy for two skill points. Gamora rushes between multiple enemies, dealing moderate damage to each. You can also target a single enemy that Gamora will attack multiple times if no one else is in range. However, we recommend that you use Shadow Strike with Groot’s Entangle skill for the best effect. Gamora will kill two or three enemies with Shadow Strike, leaving the rest weak and open to lethal blows.

Groot’s Mammoth Grab

Mammoth Grab is the first expensive skill (three points) that we recommend unlocking. Mammoth Grab grabs a single large enemy in place and deals moderate damage to them. Big enemies should be your primary target, especially once you encounter the Church of Universal Truth. Use Mammoth Grab with Drax’s Destroyer skill to completely stagger mini-bosses and large enemies. Once staggered, send Gamora to kill him.

Star-Lord’s Point of View

Vantage Point only costs one skill point, so you can unlock it first or keep it for the third. Star-Lord engages his jet boots and flies over the battlefield, avoiding most of the damage and gaining a better dominant view. We mainly used Vantage Point to stay safe while we waited for the skills of our other Guardians to cool down. Vantage Point also helps against Electric Nodes sent by corrupt enemies in the Nova Corps.

Rocket Gravistack Grenade

Gravistack works like Groot’s Entangle skill; however, it covers more ground. Rocket throws a grenade at a single target which attracts nearby enemies like a magnet. They will float in the air, leaving themselves wide open to attack. Continue with Gamora’s Shadow Strike or Groot’s Uproot. Shadow Strike, however, works better. The Gravistack Grenade was too similar to Groot’s Tangle to rationalize spending two skill points before the other skills on this list.

Best perks to unlock first

Star-Lord leaps into the air in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The components are abundant in Guardians. There aren’t many unlockable game-changing perks for Star-Lord, making it easier to choose which ones you need to grab first. By default, you are required to unlock Rapid Reload first. Aside from Rapid Reload, here are the best perks to unlock first.

Consumables magnet

The consumables magnet attracts enemy drops within 15 yards of Star-Lord. Enemies drop green health orbs or white elemental ammo orbs. Either way, the consumable magnet keeps you at full health and elemental ammo during combat as long as you’re constantly killing enemies.

Additional shield

Extra Shield increases Star-Lord’s shield points by 50%. We are aiming for survivability with this choice. While Guardians isn’t necessarily difficult, even on normal difficulty, the bonus shields associated with the consumable magnet will make death an afterthought.

Load Consumption

With charge consumption, you will consume less elemental ammo. A few more shock blasts and gusts of wind will come in handy, and the consumable magnet will continue to refill your elemental ammo.

Perfect dodge

Interior Ghost of Tsushima fan appreciates the art of perfect dodging. It is the same in guardians of the galaxy with the Perfect Dodge Perk. When you time your dodge correctly, you will briefly slow down time, allowing you to follow up with an attack or get yourself out of harm’s way.

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