Skull and Bones campaign should do something no other pirate game has done before

Every pirate game worth its salt is always keen to include hints or cameos from famous real-world pirates, and it looks like Skull and bones will likely follow suit. However, with the way developer Ubisoft worked with historical figures in Assassin’s Creed previously, it is possible that some lesser-known hackers will get some well-deserved screen time.

While Skull and bones is not explicitly confirmed to be in the Assassin’s Creed universe, gamers can still expect Ubisoft’s development philosophies to continue in the spinoff title. So while there are bound to be some historical inaccuracies in telling a new story, even entirely fictional games like Watch dogs sometimes refer to actual characters in the story.

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The obvious choice for a famous hacker who could work as an antagonist or mentor in Skull and bones would be Blackbeard, or the other colored variations of the name that other pirates have taken. That being said, most of Ubisoft’s best games often focus on historical figures that we don’t usually talk about much in school, and instead lean on “untold stories” of smaller actors. In addition to these smaller names, there are some infamous hackers who could use better representation in the media like Skull and bones than what they are currently receiving in modern media.

Golden Age of Piracy


From the few looks Ubisoft has given to the history of Skull and bones Through trailers and other announcements, gamers know for now that the game will take place at the end of the Golden Age of Piracy. This opens the door for a number of notable pirates like John Phillips, Captain of the Revenge, or Edward Low, a vicious pirate who could turn into a stellar antagonist. Low in particular is infamous for an exhausting story about paying a captain for his wine and brandy with twin pistol shots that could create a tense Ubisoft-style scene of character introductions.

With Blackbeard already used in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, it would be better for Skull and bones to avoid that big name and look at the people who carved out smaller cases of infamy. Then, getting away from the pirates themselves, delving into sailor superstitions with infamous ghost ships like the Lady Lovibond, might offer some intriguing storylines as well. However, while there are many lesser-known hackers who could be used for a new take on Ubisoft, there is one infamous Captain whose lack of representation would make him a perfect choice for the new game.

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The pirate queen

cheng i sao

Ching Shih, better known as Cheng I Sao or Cheng’s Wife, is the most successful pirate in the history of the ill-gotten profession. Although it technically comes a little after the golden age of piracy which Skull and bones unfolds, Ubisoft’s uses of historical inaccuracies have at times succeeded in telling a compelling story. So, there is room to rig the dates a bit and fit Ching Shih naturally into the story that the next pirate adventure has already planned.

Indeed, considering that Skull and bones set in the Indian Ocean, Ching Shih is said to be an infamous pirate who fits the narrative better than most. Most of the names remembered from this time would plunder the Caribbean more often than in the more eastern seas. However, if Ubisoft is really looking to capture the pirates’ fantasy in Skull and bones, then a charismatic character like Ching Shih might be the best chance the developer has to show how “epic” the lifestyle can be.

Skull and bones is slated for release in March 2021, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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